Zee Organics was founded on the ideal that all hair can grow, including yours.

In 2008, our founder, Tiffany Poole was blessed with a beautiful baby girl with a head full of healthy hair. Zuri, Tiffany’s daughter, eventually tired of the same ponytail styles that her mom adorned her hair with daily. Tiffany decided she would let Zuri, nicknamed Zee, get some of the protective styles she saw on other little girls. Several braid and twists styles later, Zee’s hair started to show signs of loss. Eventually, her edges started to thin and her hair stopped growing as much.

Tiffany immediately stopped with the braids and looked for products that promised hair growth. She tried many products and still no results. Many products and several hundreds of dollars were spent and the results were dismal. She tried every new product that claimed hair growth. Most of these products were harmful and very expensive.

 Later, she thought about the things her mother used on her hair that were tried and true. Things that she herself used for other purposes around her home. Old school remedies that had been passed on from generation to generation. Most of those things she had in her home already.  She went to the kitchen and grabbed her extra virgin olive oil she used for cooking. She went to the cabinet and grabbed the castor oil she used for medicinal purposes. She also grabbed her vitamin E oil and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to add that too. She mixed it all up and started applying it to her and Zuri’s hair.  Months passed and Zee’s hair started to grow back. Her edges were no longer bare and her hair did not seem brittle and dry as it once had.

Later, Tiffany found that adding other essential oils to her blend would make the hair grow even faster and stopped the hair loss that Zee was experiencing. She researched the benefits of coconut oil and added that too. Her daughter’s hair started to look radiant. And now Zee loved wearing her natural hair.  She knew that an all-natural approach would be safer for her and her daughter as well as the environment.

Friends and family started seeing how Tiffany and her daughter’s hair was growing. Tiffany always suffered from dandruff and dry scalp. She started using her elixir and before long, the dandruff was gone completely. Her daughter would call the oil hers, Zee oil, and the name stuck.

Friends and family wanted to know what she was using. Tiffany gave away the oil to family members that suffered from alopecia and hair loss. They too started seeing results. Soon, friends of friends wanted some. She spent many late nights making up her oil and giving it away. Before long, people started offering to purchase it and Zee oil was born.   

Many women are going back to natural hair and need a natural way for their hair to grow to its potential. Zee Oil was born from love from a mother to a daughter. And with love, we introduce it to you.